Can you capitalise on datacentre transformation?

What is Datacentre Transformation?

Cloud, virtualisation and other factors have shattered traditional datacentre concepts into a hybrid mix of on-premise hardware, multi-cloud services and virtual network functions. Enterprises must take control and make best use of new technology capabilities to bring about the required transformation and achieve their goals.

But while organisations accept that new technologies unlock huge opportunity, their limited time and resources are under such pressure to provide operational service that they cannot stretch to investigate, test or implement them.

This means the trusted reseller partner has a vital role to play.

Driven by the need to provide greater business agility, security, simplicity and scale, the race is on to take advantage of the datacentre transformation opportunity.

BigTec enables this by helping partners:

  • Deliver a secure, dynamic, and automated IT environment
  • Orchestrate vital IT functions and workloads with radically improved efficiency
  • Achieve new webscale economics for their customers, incorporating software defined technologies
  • Assure performance regardless of hypervisor, storage layer or server platform, by delivering infrastructure-agnostic solutions