Driving unique
value in webscale
SDDC opportunities

Redefining Value

At the heart of BigTec is a value-centric mindset that addresses the challenges of business and generates success. We constantly challenge and disrupt traditional VAD models, redefining value to deliver what partners want and trust.

We do this through our:

  • Specialised expertise in datacentre transformation technology
    • Focusing exclusively on specialist high-value vendors and achieving market leadership
  • Experienced sales and pre-sales support throughout the deal cycle
    • Investing in highly skilled and accredited engineering personnel to support partner deals before, during and after the sale
  • Intelligent, high impact marketing
    • From high-level awareness raising campaigns, to highly targeted marketing programmes tailored to the needs of individual partners
  • Round the clock support and bespoke professional and global services
    • Full local language technical support including global logistics and project management services, and accredited training for partners and their customers
    • Complete reference architecture creating the foundation ecosystem for datacentre transformation