Any application, any workload, any location, on any infrastructure

That’s what BigTec is all about.

When did you last download an app for your smartphone? And how easy was it?

How long did it take? A few seconds or a minute at most I guess. Most of our apps depend on server infrastructure somewhere in the cloud.

Do you care what operating system that runs on or what disks it uses?

How about the network that delivers the traffic or the server hardware manufacturer?

The answer is we don’t care about any of that. What matters is that it is quick, easy and that it works. What we all want is simplicity and speed.

And that is the reality facing IT managers and CIOs now.  Their users have come to expect simplicity of deployment, ease of use and they don’t care about what it runs on. Their expectations have changed based on their mobile and tablet experience.  If the IT department can’t deliver that, the line of business manager will take their budget and buy services elsewhere, including from a cloud provider.

So, in order to stay relevant, the modern IT department needs to make big changes in the way they define, develop, deliver and manage the applications for their organisation. In order to optimise their delivery and budget, they need to deliver any application and any workload on any infrastructure (private or public) at any time in any place. But not at any cost.

That is what ‘cloud’ really is – the ability to run the application you need wherever and whenever you need it, where it scales automatically up and down to deal with elasticity of demand and deals with faults at any level automatically and seamlessly.

That’s a tall order. With so many vendors and so many products clamouring for attention, how is a CIO supposed to make sense of all of the options?  Imagine going to a datacentre trade show and trying to get a picture of which pieces would work together to form that agile, adaptable, scalable and reliable infrastructure with all of the layers you would need.  And do this with the minimum risk to the business.

This is what BigTec is about. With the work the BigTec team has done, our reseller partners can approach customers with confidence that a working, reliable and scalable approach to this problem is available. By using the BigTec suite, the proposition is de-risked. It has been designed to provide all of the core infrastructure elements necessary to allow the development, deployment and management of applications and workloads on any infrastructure with automation and orchestration at its core. This even includes workload mobility across and between hybrid cloud deployments.

Any application, any workload, any location, on any infrastructure – that is what BigTec is all about.

Change waits for nobody.